Monday, 1 September 2008

Vicars Eating Chips for a short time only invites vicars to Quay Arts Centre Newport, Isle of Wight. In the Rope Store Gallery find food for thought in the exhibition by Liz Jones, Conjunction: Eccentrics and Radicals. That can be the chips - could be an interesting taste. You can always leave your chip chat comments in the comments book in the gallery.

we have welcomed chip chat from far afield: Sweden, Uganda and Cheltenham! Isle of Wight chipchat we happily anticpate. What are chips like on the Isle of Wight? I hear you can get a good battenburg cake in Newport.

And vicars eating chips still invites you to make your own date with your chosen vicar at or near to your chosen chippy. Remember to go dressed for the occassion (?) as the vicar/ nun/ priest etc wears their dog collar / habit etc... we are happy to join you if we can. or just post/ send a picture or account of the occassion.