Friday, 1 February 2008

Comfort food/listen to us sizzle.
(i'm sorry, i have left this rather a long time before telling you about. But here it is, some mid winter warmth.)
It was a shorts weather day but she carried her dog collar and shirt with her ready for chip eating. Sheltering from the heat in the beer tent with Val, artist and pastor from Gloucestershire, 
we heard something of her way into becoming a vicar and it sounded not easy. We heard about her role pastoring and comforting others with 'the comfort with which we are comforted.' There was a furnace analogy about going through it and coming out tasty. There is a basic nourishment available in stopping and listening, Val was saying.
Chips are basic. Making time to stop and listen is good. So, that might mean that chip-chat can intensifry / speed up the cooking of a one off exchange between a bunch of hungry people?.. if you get this drift. Chips, comfort food maybe, but if only chips as comfort given was the kind of comfort required. (80p a bag) 
Meanwhile, if we sizzle on we might turn out tasty. 

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lhm - making hope happen said...

The Rev Val was the first person we asked to join us for chips; it was rather exhillarating to invite a 'special date' along for salt and vinegar-ed chips.

It was a date that ought not to be forgotten though, authenticity is as important in chip rendezvous's as is the temperature of the said chip in question. Whilst the meet up was a day of two in the coming it happened at the right time and place.

In the same way that 'chips are more-ish' so has learning about Val and Mark's passion for the people in an area of western Uganda who they oft times visit. Hopefully we will hear more about this at a later time. Well we thought after having met with Willy Akena there might, you never know just might be the beginnings of little strands of connections. Time will tell.

Dont be frightened to ask a friendly or not so familiar person (with a dog-collar) for a pleasant bag of chips and if its needed add a dash of salad - we must all think of our wellbeing.

Les Hoppstubbe Mor