Monday, 28 January 2008

From Court to the Cafe
We ate chips with beans and Bengt wore his dog collar throughout. A sign of integrity and respect (perthaps) in court and in the cafe also - (a very fine cafe). We were certainly graced with his presence and blessing from the Swedish Lutheran church. Bengt and friends came to support and celebrate with the vine and fig tree planters at their trial. The court-gig filled us up on fruity talk (of vines and figs) and left us hungry for chips. In court we had spades and watering cans, police evidence to the tree plantings and our tools for getting on with visions work of all being able to sit under their own vine and fig tree without fear. Perhaps the plot could be expanded where all can dig and cook their potatoes in peace. Anyway we continued to celebrate with beans and talk about these things as we sat in the shelter of the cafe, fears no longer on the menu. Here is a quick painting based on Bengt eating golden chips.

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Anonymous said...

That was memorable munching with Swedish Lutheran church envoy Bengt who works full time in community development. As a schoolboy he did his first 'ploughshares' by breaking an abusive teachers cane into bits thus stopping corporal punishment - that takes guts.

Les Hoppstubbe Mor